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We offer grief counseling and Reiki sessions in calm, relaxing surroundings with those who understand what you are feeling....
Have you experienced the loss of a pet?  Do you find that family and friends cannot understand the depth of your feelings?  Relationships with our animal companions can be strong, and losing this unconditional love from our furry friends can leave us feeling confused.  People often are surprised at how deeply we mourn for our pets.
You may feel sadness, guilt, anger, numbness, lonliness or confusion.  Loss affects us in many ways and it doesn't matter whether for a person or our beloved animal companion. 
We understand, and offer guidance and support in understanding these feelings associated with pet losses of all types.  We help you through the grieving process and work towards healing, as well as finding that special place in your heart to hold your beloved pet forever.


REIKI Sessions are also available to enhance positive energies and uplift your spirits.

Saying "goodbye" is never easy...
HAVE you experienced the passing of a beloved pet -- either recently or in the past?
DO you have an aging or seriously ill pet?
HAVE you had to surrender your pet because you were moving into a senior facility?
ARE you unable to find a lost pet?
We offer guidance and support for pet losses of all types.

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